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Our Services

Dedicated Leased-Line

Our team of expert adviser is available around the clock every day to answer your questions and speed up the resolution of any imperfection. Nuozen provides you with a high-quality,cost-competitive leased line service with spectacular operations and support services.

Wireless Leased-Line

Our wireless leased line products convey the advantages of a traditional fiber Ethernet leased line,but without the installation hassles.Investing in our consistent high-speed network environment contributes to the efficiency of your operations as well as your swiftness and competitiveness.

Gpon (FTTB + FTTX) Service

With state-of-the-art technology,we offer cost-effective dedicated bandwidth ensuring trustworthy high-speed business connectivity with enhanced quality of service.

Events &
Emergency Internet

We provide you with a dedicated bandwidth facility, even on an emergency basis. We have initiated this service,keeping in mind the needs and demands during the events.

What makes NUOZEN the BEST ?

Quality & Performance

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Our pledge to invest in the best technology and build our network capacity before demand will ensure the optimum performance of your internet.


Developing plentiful solutions and services that are flexible which can be personalized with no limitations, which are business needs. Operation customized bandwidth performance is also provided with speed, time, schedule etc. suiting every customer’s needs.


You can always rely on Nuozen; Creativity isn’t worth a thing if it isn’t served with an equal amount of reliability. We are here to render you the best desirable and reliable customer experience for all our services.

24*7*365 Network Monitoring

The Nuozen network is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We furnish proactive support & our technical alert system keeps us ahead of any problem.

Uptime 99.5%

Nuozen superfluous servers and BGP routing with multiple Tier-1 renders are hosted in a Tier-1 Data Centre to ensure your service continues non-stop.

Cost Effective

It’s easy to flex when demand changes and easy to budget with the knowledge of all the fixed costs up front. You’ll only ever pay for the bandwidth you need.

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