Whatever area you are in – whether you serve businesses or consumers, provide products, services or both – you will already be aware of the power of the Internet, for some reason it is called digital transformation: things are changing and the more digitally ready you are, the more you can turn things to your welfare get ahead and stay there.

Nuozen is India’s most innovative and exciting Internet Service Provider – offering best-in-class services at amazing prices. So with our support, you can get ready for anything anywhere and at any time. With us, you can get connected faster, easier and more securely than ever before.

Nuozen provides a wide range of services and we are not only responsible for the speed, but also solve networking and technology challenges for every device connected to the internet. Nuozen leverages superior connectivity. The flourishing market, organization and commercial enterprise need continuant connectivity to interact and transact over the internet. It needs accelerating, flexibility and hassle-free connectivity across all the areas of operation.

Nuozen provides businesses with multiple high-speed Internet connectivity. We provide the most cost-effective route to the businesses to go to market. Sharing internet line along with multiple users, all accessing simultaneously can lead to inefficiency. An internet leased line service empowers you with 1:1 dedicated bandwidth ensuring impeccable high-speed communication and collaboration.

We manage every step of the way from survey to testing. A master of communication with office and building management and showing face on site to ensure fast, effortless install.

Dedicated Leased-Line

Our team of expert adviser is available around the clock every day to answer your questions and speed up the resolution of any imperfection. Nuozen provides you with a high-quality, cost-competitive leased line service with spectacular operations and support services.

Wireless Leased-Line

Our wireless leased line products convey the advantages of a traditional fiber Ethernet leased line, but without the installation hassles. Investing in our consistent high-speed network environment contributes to the efficiency of your operations as well as your swiftness and competitiveness.

Gpon (FTTB + FTTX) Service

With state-of-the-art technology, we offer cost-effective dedicated bandwidth ensuring trustworthy high-speed business connectivity with enhanced quality of service.

Events &
Emergency Internet

We provide you with a dedicated bandwidth facility, even on an emergency basis. We have initiated this service, keeping in mind the needs and demands during the events.

Nuozen Leased Line Advantage

Multiple Tier 1 Upstream Providers At The Backend Gives 100% Redundancy Of Service

Throughput Commitment:- 1:1 Pure Symmetric Bandwidth

Service Level Agreement With 99.5 % Uptime

Support available 24*7*365 days

Bandwidth On Demand (BOD)

Bandwidth Online usages Graph Access

IPV4 & IPV6 Allocation

Installation And Full Maintenance

More Reliable And No Bandwidth Sharing

International Priority Routing & Low Latency

Proactive Monitoring & Addressing Of Complaints, Direct Call and Connect on to the Engineer

Best Security & Value For Money

Why Choose Nuozen For Business ?